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In today’s over-saturated world of never-ending information, that’s about how long you have to describe the benefits of your business to a prospective customer and influence them to take action.

People are consuming information differently these days. With time being the most precious commodity, they have become skimmers, not readers. People want to know now, and they want to know what’s in it for them. . .now! They don’t want to hear about your business as much as they want to know what your business can do for them. They want results and, of course, they want it now.

Marc Fig Inc. is an award-winning marketing communications shop that:

· Provides clear, concise and innovative copy
· Delivers relevant messaging to your target audience
· Will cut through the clutter and get the results you demand

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“Marc Fig has the unique ability of delivering relevant, effective messages to our customers, communication that inspires them to take action and engage in our programs and products. His work has been instrumental to the success of our business.”
— Carolann Dekker, Owner
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